Je Váš počítač pomalý? Mám pro Vás speciální, časově omezenou nabídku na podstatné zrychlení Vašeho PC či notebooku!Is your computer slow? I have a special, time-limited offer for you to significantly speed up your PC or laptop!

Special offer: speeding up your PC or laptop

Do you think your computer is slow? Are you wasting your precious time waiting for it to start or do something? Did it happen that you needed something important and colleagues, classmates, friends or customers had to wait for your computer to take action?


A reasonably priced solution is within your reach. Most older computers will run about five times faster after replacing a spinning hard drive (HDD) with a modern fully electronic successor, the so-called SSD. The money invested will return to you in the form of saved time, nerves and, in the case of work use, also by making your work on the computer look more professional.

Special price, valid until May 31, 2022:
3 500 CZK

2 999 CZK

Call +420 731 401 854 to order an accelerated computer.

The price includes a high-quality branded SSD 250 GB, picking up the computer in Prague and the surrounding area, disassembling of the HDD and installing the SSD, transfer of data to the SSD, modifying the Windows boot configuration, and delivery back to your place. The computer is usually ready the next day.
If you have more than 250 GB of data on the disk, please move large files (such as movies, videos, and music) to an external disk or flash drive. If you have a lot of data and do not want to move it, you can choose from one of these options:

  • SSD 500 GB storage: 4 200 CZK 3 699 CZK
  • SSD 1000 GB storage: 5 500 CZK 4 999 CZK

Before picking up the computer, please either remove the password or attach it on a post-it note. I will take the PC without cables and accessories; please provide the power adapter for the notebook.
Of course, it is possible to arrange some additional maintenance if you have problems with the computer. We can arrange that when we speak in person.

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