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We will fine-tune your audio together

Have you decided to create an audio or audiovisual work such as a video, podcast, audiobook or report? Do you want it to be of good quality, attracting the audience? Do you know how to avoid technical, linguistic or interpretative mistakes? Do not hesitate to ask what could be done with your work.


Mikrofon kul

Are you an amateur or semi-professional?

In this case you will surely be concerned with the issues mentioned below regarding professionals, plus some more, especially mastering the basics, both as a voice actor, as well as technical matters. You may need help with technical equipment, with editing the recorded material, or assessing your work before publishing.

You can find some tips on the website Svět mluveného slova (The World of Spoken Word, available in Czech only) to which I contribute my articles.



Are you a professional?

Even professionals can improve. The technical side is usually mastered well, but I still encounter unnecessary mistakes made by artists, moderators and commentators, with a large contribution of directors who should not miss these things:

  • incorrect pronunciation of Czech words, incorrect accent on prepositions
  • incorrect sentence accent
  • frequent mispronunciation of foreign words and personal and geographical names
  • incorrect breathing

In addition to appropriate training of performers, improvement may be achieved by proper directorial supervision.


Da Vinci Resolve - software pro zpracování videa/audia

I offer following for the success of your audio works


  • Directorial supervision – especially suitable for audiobooks and similar permanent works
  • Additional recording checks and evaluation – suitable for audiobooks, podcasts, reports, audio for videos, etc.
  • Editing, mix a mastering
  • Sound for videos, including video editing
  • Consultations and special training on pronunciation of the Czech language and foreign names – suitable e.g. for sports and news editors
  • Consultations on sound equipment and acoustic room adjustments for spoken word recordings

Prices for audio/video services

Since each project is different, please do not hesitate to contact me for a quote.

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