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About me

I have been working in IT for more than 25 years. I have experience both in supporting individual users as well as working in a large datacenter where I led a team of system administrators and we took care of over 10,000 servers. But I am not the typical IT guy you know from the TV series. I have diverse hobbies and life experience. For several years, I worked in the management of a medium-sized trade company. There I took care of the computer network as a supplement to my main job, which was product management, foreign trade and management of the administration and logistics. All of this provides me an overall knowledge of IT deployment in business operations and helps me to communicate technical matters as clearly as possible.

For more than 25 years I have also been involved in audio production, especially on computers. I have experience with design of recording studios and all aspects of recording and post-production of spoken word as a voice artist, director, sound engineer, translator and text editor. Thanks to my lifelong passion for philology I know perfectly the normative pronunciation of the Czech language and the principles of pronunciation of names in dozens of languages. I am the author of the book Zvuk na PC (Sound on PC), published in the Knihy iDnes edition in 2001. I founded the specialized website Svět mluveného slova (The World of Spoken Wordsvetmluvenehoslova.cz).

I have programmed and scripted in the following languages ​​(environments): Python, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, HTML/CSS, POSIX Shell (bash), FoxPro, Pascal, Fortran.

I have been working with different versions of Windows, Unix and Linux for many years. I have a PRINCE2 Foundation project management certificate. I speak fluently Czech and English, partially German and Russian.



I work for a big company. I need a computer all the time. Mr. Kříž has been taking care of my IT for many years and I found out that everything can be solved! I am very satisfied with his helpful and professional behavior at a high expert level. I appreciate his reliability.

I can highly recommend him as an excellent expert and a decent man.“

Eva Nováková

entrepreneur, Prague 10

Mr. Kříž is an IT specialist with excellent expertise, experience and insight. He is communicative, helpful, with a professional approach, willing to solve even „trivial“ issues. He provides complex IT services to our company, incl. printers maintenance and data security in accordance with GDPR. He is creating a well-functioning website for our upcoming projects.

We are very satisfied with his services and I definitely recommend him to other customers.“

Radka Hermanová

executive director, K.P.A.R. consulting s.r.o., Prague 4

I have worked under the management of Mr. Miloslav Kriz for almost two years. I’ve always been confident in his decisions and his knowledge of IT operations which made my work much easier and straightforward. I’d like to mention that Miloslav developed a javascript tool/plugin which greatly improved user web interface of our ticketing software and thus improved operations team efficiency and lowered a chance to miss an important ticket to a minimum.

Miloslav is quite knowledgeable in technology and in general and I’ve always found inspiration in our conversations. I’m grateful and consider myself lucky that I had a chance to meet Miloslav and work with him.“

Jasenko Cicvara

IT specialist, Prague 5

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