Je Váš počítač pomalý? Mám pro Vás speciální, časově omezenou nabídku na podstatné zrychlení Vašeho PC či notebooku!Is your computer slow? I have a special, time-limited offer for you to significantly speed up your PC or laptop!

I will help you with IT

Everybody knows it: sometimes computers just rebel and do not want to work as expected. Or you may be worried about your data. Or you need an advice. I will be happy to help you with all of this, whether at your home or in the company. I can train you or your employees so that you can solve simple things yourself.


Ruce na notebooku

I will save you especially in following situations:

  • Your computer, mobile phone, printer or the entire network is not working
  • You need help with an office application (Word, Excel, etc.), operating system (usually Windows or Android) or any other software
  • You suspect your computer has been attacked, e.g. by a virus
  • You have deleted important data or it just disappeared
  • You need to consult the purchase of new IT equipment or replacement of existing one 

Call +420 731 401 854 for quick help or more information.

Is your computer slow? Take a look at a special, time-limited offer to speed it up.

Prices for IT services

Basic hourly rate: 800 CZK

The intervention usually ranges from 800 to 2500 CZK (without spare parts). In case of a more demanding problem, I will tell you in time and we will agree on next steps. I do the work on site at the customer, however, sometimes it may be necessary to take the equipment with me for as short time as possible (for common repairs 1–2 days).

At least the first hour of work is counted and then every commenced half an hour. Travel outside Prague: up to 25 km 200 CZK, 26–50 km 400 CZK, for longer distance individual agreement. In the vicinity of Prague 6, I do not charge the above stated rate of up to 25 km.

Want a better price? Take an advantage of the offer of prepaid hourly packages:



15 hours

12 000 CZK   10 500 CZK

Price per hour: 700 CZK


 


30 hours

24 000 CZK   19 500 CZK

Price per hour: 650 CZK


   


60 hours

48 000 CZK   35 500 CZK

Price per hour: 590 CZK

After purchase, prepaid hours can be used at any time without time limit.

IT audit - nejlepší prevence problémů

Best prevention for companies – IT audit

The above situations usually force you to seek expert advice. But prevention is best. Be sure to consider the following:

  • Are our employees sufficiently trained to use IT effectively and safely?
  • Does backup work correctly and reliably?
  • Is our IT security sufficient to cope with increasing risks? For example, to avoid losing important data or to avoid competition could get it?
  • Is our website safe and does it comply with recent standards? Are we the real owners of our domain?

If you do not have an experienced IT specialist in your company, it is very likely that you will not be able to answer all these questions due to their technical complexity. Therefore, I offer you an IT audit that will completely map your information technology, find weak points and propose a remedy, which I will quickly take care of in case of interest.

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