Prices for IT services

Basic hourly rate of standard services at the customer’s premises: 800 CZK.

Want a better price? Take an advantage of the offer of prepaid hourly packages.



15 hours

12 000 CZK   10 500 CZK

Price per hour 700 CZK


 


30 hours

24 000 CZK   19 500 CZK

Price per hour 650 CZK


   


60 hours

48 000 CZK   35 500 CZK

Price per hour 590 CZK

This offer is valid when paid before January 31, 2021. After purchase, prepaid hours can be used at any time without time limit.

At least the first hour of work is counted and then every commenced half an hour. The extra charge for work requested outside working hours (i.e. outside weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm) is 25%. If I offer you arrival at that time, I will not charge you any extra charge. We will always make a reasonable deal.

Travel outside Prague: up to 25 km 300 CZK, up to 50 km 600 CZK, for longer distance individual agreement. In the vicinity of Prague 6, I do not charge a rate of up to 25 km.

Web design offer

All options include:

  • responsive design for mobiles and tablets
  • secure protocol https
  • customized 404 error page
  • indexing the site with search engines p An explanation of terms can be found in FAQ.

Prices may vary depending on additional customer requirements. Example of items for extra charge (price will be agreed individually):

  • multilingual version of the site
  • mailing
  • booking system (e.g. restaurant, accommodation)
  • e‑shop
  • advanced site traffic analytics
  • social networking
  • internet (PPC) advertising

Optional regular website maintenance: 500 CZK/month (~€20/month)
(continuous monitoring of site availability, regular security updates and one small text editing per month)

Note: I recommend Simple presentation for private purposes only or for a small entrepreneur who wants just simple info on the web and will refer most customers to the site by himself/herself. In the case of entrepreneurs, it is necessary to add a page about the processing of personal data in order to comply with legal obligations within the GDPR (500 CZK, ~€20). If you want something more to get from the site, do not be afraid to pay extra, it will surely pay off soon. You can read more in FAQ or contact me directly for more information.

Prices for audio/video services

Since each project is different, please do not hesitate to contact me for a quote.

The prices are final, I am not subject to VAT.

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